April 19, 2013

Review of the Best iPhone Multiplayer Game

I have been a huge suporter of this series from the very begining. When I got the iPad back in early 2010 I downloaded a physics golf game called Super Stickman Golf and I really enjoyed it. Then I realized NoodleCake updated the game with features that changed my opinion for the better. They added multiplayer where you can race your friends to the hole. They have done it again but this time releasing a sequel called Super Stickman Golf  2. This time they added another game mode that allows you to challenge your friends. It is called turn based. It is just as it sounds. You can challenge a friend or a random opponent and play one to two holes at a time and watch your opponent go as well. This is nice because you can play at your convinience and takes different strategy than race mode. Definitely a nice new game mode to have. This game will cost you $.99 at the moment and is definitely worth it. Check out my review down below.


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