March 30, 2013

What features do we want in the next iPhone?

I believe it is a pretty uniform belief that Apple needs to step up its game. I am an avid iPhone user, but I am starting to get bored with the iPhone. The features aren't as innovative as the once were and the phone itself isn't very customizable. SoldierKnowsBest actually made a video about this topic and talked about everything he wants in the next iPhone. Chances are we will not get everything Soldier is asking for, but I completely agree with his point of view. If you can think of any other features that should be mentioned, post them in the comments down below.


  1. Hi, I have a question, Right now i'm using iPhone 5 well I don't know how can I open the documents there, I mean if can I just save it and open it on cloud on, and also I have some mails on my inbox and there's not on it, i'm trying to open them but just I can not :(, But thanks for the video if you can answer me i'll be more than glad!
    Thanks a lot~ Jessica

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