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Welcome to WreganTech! This is a website that I developed based on my interest in technology and the videos I make on YouTube. In reality I am just trying to help people out and giving my opinion on technology. There are plenty more videos I could make, but I am a full-time student and sometimes don't have the time or the money. If you enjoy these videos please show me your support by doing these three steps:

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All three of these links are to help notify you of what I find interesting going on in technology. There will often be links back to my videos and site. Feel free to share this with your friends and family if you see it fit. Also if you have any ideas for me or want to work with me feel free to contact me!

For advertisers:
I have done work with a couple of marketing companies and I have also done a few product reviews. If you think what I do is right for you please contact me at WreganTech@gmail.com. I am pretty quick to respond and try to make this process as easy as I can for you!


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