February 29, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview!

In the wake of Apple annoucing their next iPad event, Microsoft had their own event to be talked about. Today Microsoft held an event to show off the consumer preview for Windows 8. If you don't know much about what Windows 8 is, that's ok let me explain. Windows 8 is the next generation of Microsoft's operating system. The attempt of Windows 8 is to bridge tablet operating systems with their desktop operating systems. Apple has a different approach were they have two seperate operating systems. Their tablet OS called iOS and their Mac OS called OSX. Clearly Apple's plan has been working, since their market cap hit half a trillion dollars yesterday. However, I believe the way Microsoft is approching this is a great idea. There will definitely be a learning curve for new users, but Windows 8 looks like a better Tablet OS than iOS right now. The multi tasking is much more clean and it is much more cutomizeable. Either way this release by Microsoft will be good regardless if you are a Microsoft or Apple fan. The better competition for Apple in the tablet market, will mean a better iPad. For more details about Windows 8 check out the video below.


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