February 27, 2012

iPad 3 May Cost $80 More Than Previous Generation

Personally I am not sold on this story, but their have been reports that Apple will be raising the iPad 3's price. The main reason is rumored to be because of the addition of a retina display. I do believe that this would increase the production cost for Apple, but I do not think it would warrant an $80 price raise (as you can see from the picture above.) Also this would create larger gap between the price of the iPad and the Kindle fire, Apple's biggest competition. If this does happen, which I doubt Apple will almost certainly sell the iPad 2 at a reduced price to compete with the Fire. This is a little late in my book to be taken seriously, but if I was to take two things out of this it would be: 1) That a retina display is a good possibility and 2) the iPad 2 may be staying around longer with reduced prices!


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