January 19, 2012

Recap of Apple's Education Event

Today Apple hosted people in the "Big Apple," for their education event. This event was not hyped up like some events are, but it did bring some interesting news. The rumors that said Apple was trying to redesign the textbook industry was spot on. Apple did three things to achieve this goal. The first was the release of iBooks 2. I believe this is just an update to the original app, where it brings new features to the app. The main changes feature the ability to buy textbooks and embedded in certain pages in these textbooks is multi media! The next thing Apple touched on was software they made for the iBooks, called  iBooks Author. The software is a free download in the Mac App store and allows people to publish their work. In looking over the app it looks and feels like a combination of Pages and Keynote. The final thing Apple touched on was iTunes U. This is not a new thing, iTunes U has been around for a while now and has some awesome content on there. However most iTunes users overlooked this feature in route to the music or app store. Apple is making a push to change that. They are integrating courses with textbooks, so a teacher can add an assignment in iTunes U and it will take you right to the Books page in the iBooks App. I am curious to what you think, whether you were disappointed by these announcements or excited. Let me know!


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