January 18, 2012

Preview of Apple's Education Event Tomorrow

I hope with all the news about CES 2012 that no one forgot about Apple. The no show at CES is making news tomorrow at 10 am est. in New York City. There have been plenty of rumors about this event, but one thing is almost positive and that is don't expect news about the iPad 3. Most of the rumors revolve around textbooks and publishers. Bloomberg reported that Apple will unveil new software in order to make it easier for them to make their textbooks digital. This is all part of Apple's plan to help make the iPad even more engrained in our everyday lives. One thing worth noting is that I heard that Apple is focusing on K - 12, more than the collegiate market.

Personally I have mixed feelings about e-textbooks. First is it will make it easier to carry your books around and it will be able to contain multi media (aka videos and podcast.) The problem I have with this is textbooks don't have batteries and your iPad does, so if you are pulling an all nighter you might need to be by an outlet. Also I don't like the idea of kindergardeners with a $500 piece of technology, but that is just me. Finally it has to be hard to take notes on the iPad compared to a textbook. I am curious to what your thoughts are about this! Do you like the idea of your iPad being your next textbook, or would you rather stick with an actual textbook?


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