March 8, 2011

iOS 4.3 maybe ready for an early release!

Browsing around tech sites there is a common trend that iOS 4.3 maybe released early. Modmyi posted that it may be released today, which clearly isn't the case. Although Apple just released iTunes 10.2.1 just a week after releasing 10.2, so it begs the question why? And my bet is that they left out a necessary code that was important for updating iDevices to iOS 4.3. Now I hope they release it tomorrow but my bet is that it will be released friday. Eitherway you should be careful in updating your iDevice. There most likely won't be a jailbreak for a couple of weeks and I know I like my iPhone jailbroken! So it depends wether you want the new features right now or not! In the case of my iPad I want to update it right away to test out this capability of mirrorig the iPad screen.


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