March 4, 2011

Apple to Stream Music?

Apple has been rummored to be developing an infastructure for a streaming service. This service would allow you to access any of your paid media from iTunes where ever you are. This should include any song or movie and possibly applications (although there isn't much of a reason to stream apps.) All signs are leading to some sort of service at least. They have been building a new site in North Carolina to host their servers, although Apple hasn't specified what they will use it for. Just recently Apple has stopped selling there mobile me service and even in the beta version of mac os lion there was code for an program called locker. This would be where you put all the files that you want to have access to whenever. So I am fairly comfortable to say that Apple will announced a streaming service. Although I don't think we will see all the features until a couple of years down the road. Modmyi reported that Apple will allow you to download your paid music as many times as youn would like. This would just be one step closer to the ideal streaming service I believe they are striving for. Something worth noting is that there are legal issues Apple has to straighten out to achieve this. They will have to gain rights from record companies to allow them to stream certain media files. All in all this is pretty cool and wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing about this in the near future... Maybe iPhone 5's keynote?


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