March 30, 2011

Amazon Launches Streaming Music Service!

Managing a digital music collection is a bit of a mess. It's possible to buy music from your phone, but then it might get stuck there. It's possible to buy music from your work computer, but then you have to remember to transfer it to your home computer. Most people just wait until they get home and do their purchasing from there. What's more, if you are not regularly backing up your music collection, you can lose it with a disk drive crash.
Amazon is solving those problems today with two important new offerings: Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player. Cloud Drive is your personal disk drive in the cloud. Anything you put in Cloud Drive is robustly stored in Amazon's datacenters. You can upload your music collection to Cloud Drive, as well as any other digital documents.

Cloud Player comes in two varieties: Web and Android. All you need is a computer with a web browser and you can listen to your music with Cloud Player for Web--no software to install--just a web browser. The Android version is an app that lets you do the same thing from your Android phone or tablet.
Combined, these services allow you to store your music worry-free in the cloud and enjoy it anywhere. When you buy any of the 15 million songs in the Amazon MP3 store, you’ll now see a new option to put your purchase directly into your Cloud Drive.
To start, Amazon is giving you 5 GB of free Cloud Drive storage. Plus, new purchases from the Amazon MP3 Store are stored for free and do not count against your storage quota.

I know what you are saying if you have an iPhone or iPod, will this work with it. The answer is no, but don't fret. Amazon just beat apple to the punch, however Apple is in the works with revamping their mobileme services and this is one of the rumored remakes! So we will wait and see, but competition is good and will hold Apple to their standards!


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