February 14, 2011

Apple Planning Smaller iPhone?

I was resisiting making a post about this, but now that the Wall Street Journal had an article about this today, I figured I better get on board. This makes sense in a lot of ways, but goes against Apple’s imagine in my opinion. First off the benefits. If this report is true, which I believe it is then Apple will be able to segment the market. This way they will be able to resh out to those who can’t afford their original iPhone model. In many ways this is a given next step considering the success of google’s adroid operating phones. However Apple will create a lot of problems for their app developers. Apple has been pretty consistent with their mobile devices. All the generations of the iPhone and iPod Touches have been similar enough to run the same apps, with the introduction of the smaller iPhone this could change things, making the developers rewrite the codes to their apps. Will Apple do this we will have to wait and see, but personally I believe so.


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