July 22, 2012

Mountain Lion's Release Rumored to be this Wednesday

The new Mac's operating system was featured back in mid February with Apple saying the release date would be in the summer. We are now in mid July and have no official release date. The OS is called Mountain Lion and its predecessor was released just after Apple announced their second quarter earnings last year. This would correlate to this Wednesday, July 25, as the release date for Mountain Lion. Apple is selling this upgrade for $19.99. Now it begs the question is it worth it? My simple answer is yes for your macs bought in the last 2 years other wise, I believe your current operating system will be fine. The upgrade will include features like Messages, Airplay Mirroring, Game Center, Safari Enhancements, Notification Center, Notes and Reminders.

Below is a video I made recapping the February keynote releasing of Mountain Lion...


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