March 7, 2012

Recap of Apples iPad Keynote

I was going to do a live post but, never got around to publishing it. So this is what I was going to post!

The event is 20 minutes in and Apple has began talking about the iPad. It is no surprise that Apple starts with patting themselves on their back mentioning all the success they have seen with the iPad. In Apple's defense they have the right to gloat. Their device has been extraordinarily successful and has not met their competition. Now on to the new iPad! To knock off the first rumor their is still a home button. This rumor blew out of proportion when Apple released their invite and their iPad was in landscape mode, therefor not showing a home button. The next rumor was that their would be a Retina Display. This is TRUE! The retina display will have a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, totaling 3.1 million total pixels, which is 1 million more than a HDTV! To go on top of this Apple didn't hold back and announced a quad core A5X graphics processor! What good is a improved display with cameras that can't optimize it. Well don't worry about it because Apple announced improved cameras for this device. The front facing camera will have 5 megapixels, advanced optics with IR filter, auto focus, and face detection. The iPad will also be able to record in 1080p HD video recording, video stabilization, and temporal noise reduction. Not to skip over, but Apple briefly talked about Voice Dictation (but not Siri... Yet.) 

Apple continues to speed through this event just like the data speeds will be speeding on this device with 4G LTE. One thing that will not be true from the rumors is that the iPad will be a universal device. From the looks of it you will have to decide what service provider you want.  With all these additions Apple had to compromise some where, right? Nope, the battery will be able to maintain the same battery life and the same price point! This means 10 hours of battery and a price starting at $499 for the 16gb device. Pre order do start today and you will be able to pick one up in the Apple Retail Stores on March 16th


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