January 13, 2012

Top 5 Stories to take out of CES 2012

Ok so now that CES 2012 is coming to a close I thought I would make a post about the top 5 stories. CES always has interesting stories for everyone, no matter what part of technology you are interested in. So if I missed something you think is more important just remember it is from my perspective. Also know that I did not attend CES and was following coverage by SoldierKnowsBest on Youtube so my coverage is based on his videos!

3D Technology is on the rise and is here to stay. I remember about five years ago when High Definition televisions were beginning to make their way into homes, and I believe we are at that tipping point with the 3D televisions now. I am not enamored by 3D tv but when it is done right it is going to awesome. From what I have read and seen I think the technology is at that point were people will enjoy the 3D and not be hassled by the glasses or other obstacles.

PowerMats The Future of Charging?
The power mats have been around for two years and never really wowed me and mainly because it isn't anymore efficient than just having a usb cor with you. However I believe if the infrastructure is there these power mats will be a force to be reckoned with. Imagine if the technology s built into your phone, so when you set down your phone on a compatible surface it starts to charge! As of now the power mats are going to start popping up at some bars, Sports Arenas (MSG,) and GM cars. Although the technology isn't yet built into the phones, so you will need to have a compatible case. I am hopeful that phone makers will possibly start to incorporate this technology in their phone designs.

Google TV Not Dead Yet!

Gorilla Glass 2!
There isn't much to be said other than smaller, thinner, and stronger. Thats right this means less cracks and smaller, thinner future touch screen smart phone.

iPhone Accessories and Toys!
There are a ton of accessories and toys that were revealed or promoted for the mobile devices at CES 2012. Personally I wasn't sold on any of them, but rather the fact that there are just some many companies trying to innovate and take over parts of this market. Below isn't the only video, but is a cool watch made by Sony.


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