October 5, 2011

Recap of Apple's Event: iPhone 4s, iOS 5 and More!

Yesterday Apple finally got around to their highly anticipated iPhone keynote! This time however it wasn't all about the iPhone. They mainly combined their iPhone keynote from June and their iPod keynote from september into one. Yesterday they recapped iOS 5 (with one new feature,)  and then announced updates to the iPod nano and touch. The updates revolved more around software and price drops than anything else. Then the final thing they got into announcing was the iPhone 4s. The physical outside is very similar to its predecessor, but just with an updated antenna. Inside the iPhone was complete;y revamped with dual core A5 chips (Same as the iPad.) Also they talked about the new voice control called Siri. It is still in beta and will only work with the iPhone 4s (no other iOS 5 devices yet.) Siri allows you to talk to the phone buy asking questions and it will look things up for you. Over all I was a little disappointed with the announcements, but I'm curios to hear what you think. Comment and let me know what you thought of Apple's announcements. 


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