September 14, 2011

What is iCloud?

A lot of Apple fans are anxiously waiting for the next Apple keynote and I don't blame them. Normally this event is where apple touches up the iPod line up and sometimes introduces new products or tweaks old ones (last year was apple tv and ping.) However this year we expect all of this and then some. Since, Apple never introduced the iPhone 5 in June like the previous versions, so the suspense builds as everyone waits for this announcement. All signs lead to this being merged into the typical September/ iPod keynote, but the date of this seems to be a mystery for now. While we wait for Apple to drop the news on us of when this will be, I figured I would post a video on the feature, iCloud, being introduced with iOS 5. This video is from TysiPhoneHelp's youtube channel and I suggest sunscribing to him  if you haven't done so already!


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