September 22, 2011

Looking to Buy a New Cell Phone?

As I mention in my post yesterday is that the iPhone 5 event is rumored to be on October 4th, but is the iPhone for you. The iPhone may be the most popular smart phone on the market, however their are a lot of competitive phones on the market today. Also when you decide to buy a phone it normally comes with a two year contract. This means the phone will have to serve you a while and you don't want a phone is already out dated. In order to get full in depth reviews of what phone best serves you I suggest you review them at For example in the pictures below you can see that the HTC Inspire 4g has better reviews than the iPhone 4.
I'm not saying which phone you should get but there is research that should be done before buying a phone. Personally I prefer my iPhone, but it does not support flash and that may be a draw for you. So check out this site to make sure you are not missing out on the phone for you.


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