January 6, 2011

Preview of iPad's first round of competition!

Google announced yesterday the releasing of the mobile operating system specifically made for tablets. Now looking at the smart phone industry the only two companies that seem to have figured it out is Apple and Google. from the looks of it the tablet industry may shape up the same way. The android operating system has seen some tweaks in the new version of "Honeycomb" which was specifically made for tablets. Instead of putting a lot of commentary in my post I am going to run through the main features of this operating system and accompany them with videos!

MAPS- This is very intriguing but don't think this will be an only android thing. It will start out that way but eventually be brought to all devices!

GMAIL- This is pretty similar to what we have seen with other tablets but since the email service and the os are generated by the same company we will most likely see a smoother experience.

GTalk- the nice thing about this app is that it is built right in on the os. Which means again there will be a smoother experince and a chance for even better improvements.

BROWSER- the web browser looks like a desktop browser put on a handheld and then tweaked to be best used on it. I think it looks like it will do the job the question is will it play flash content?


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