January 13, 2011

Apple may be getting rid of the "Home" buttonon iPhone and iPad!

It is clear that in all of Apple's touch screen devices they have tried to limit the amount of physical buttons and it may continue. There have been rumors that firmware update 4.3 will include multi touch gestures that will replace the functionality of the Home button. Some of these gestures include a swipe up for multitasking, swipe across to change apps, and a four or five finger pinch to get to the home screen. If this does happen then the future devices will have more room for screen space, but the old devices will have the home button so what will that be for? Also the four or five finger pinch is a bit more complicated than a tap of a button, but its what you have to give up for more screen space. These are all questions that apple is toying with now and it will be interesting to see what they do. The iPad 2 is anticipated to be released in April and the new iPhone in June.


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