December 8, 2010

Why you should wait to buy an iPad!

From the reports I have read it is clear that the iPad is a hot holiday gift and why not. To be honest I love my iPad. It has a great battery that lasts close to week of on an off use or a day of full use. The multi-touch screen is phenomenal and Apple also supplies the massive app store to go with it, so the iPad only gets better and better. However there are many reasons why I suggest not to buy the iPad. The first reason is because of what I said in my post yesterday, which was that apple will be announcing an iPad 2! This is typical of Apple to do this, but the point is that there will be updates. The most notable is the almost certain front facing camera for facetime. Also Apple was the first to produce a tablet computer. This is no longer the case, there will be many more choices on the shelves within the next six months. Which means that there will most likely be a price drop for the iPad and Apple force them to be innovative with the iPad. So again in my predictions there will be a larger selection of tablet computers to choose from, which will lower the price or tablets as a whole and force them to be innovative.

Here are a look at the new tablets set to come out in the next year:

Samsung Galaxy Tab (Already Out on Shelves)

BlackPad (Coming Soon)

MOTOROLA TABLET PROTOTYPE (the future of android based tablets)



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