October 19, 2010

What to Expect of Apple's "Back to the Mac" Event?

As you can see by the title apple is having another event. As "Back to the Mac" indicates the event revolves around the mac products. So I figure I'll make predictions like i did for the iPod event in September.

1) A Redesign of the MacBook Air- I think it would be smart for Apple to redesign the Macbook Air for two reasons. Its not a guarantee that the iPad will win the netbook/ small computer battle so apple should keep this alive if the market doesn't accept the iPad.

2)A New OS for the Mac- I wouldn't be surprised to see an update like we did last summer with Snow Leopard. The main Idea is to get people to update their macs to bring in Revenue. I don't for see a huge change here since nothing drastic has changed since the release of leopard.

3) FaceTime for Macs- This is the one thing I am most excited about. I have wanted this since the iPhone 4 was annouced. Being able to video chat from phone to phone or iPod to iPod really isn't that convenient since you are normally in public or atleast the person you want to video chat is; making nearly impossible to video chat. Allowing macs to join in would solve this making the app way more appealing for both iOS users and mac users.

4) iLife '11- i don't really have mush to say than keep an eye out for this!

5) for the iPod/ iPhone/ iPad hopefuls I wouldn't hope for much, but there may be small tweaks like iPhone coming to Verizon or repositioning the antenna.


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