September 28, 2010

Blackberry Tablet Annouced!

Research In Motion announced earlier that they will be releasing a tablet to compete with the iPad. This product has the potential to contest Apple, and make them raise the standard of their iPad. The biggest thing for the Blackberry Tablet is adobe flash player support. Apple doesn't want to be one upped so they will should release flash at some point for their iPad. Below are some features on the new tablet.

BlackBerry Tablet OS key details
  • Reliable, high-performance kernel engineered for multi-core hardware
  • Multi-threaded POSIX OS (Portable Operating System for Unix) for true multitasking
  • Built from the ground up to run WebKit and Adobe® Flash®
  • Built with the security, efficiency and seamless connectivity from the ground up you’d expect from RIM

There are currently two application development approaches for the BlackBerry Tablet OS:
  • Web Applications with HTML5 — Developers will be able to create compelling applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript®, which leverage the WebKit rendering engine.
  • Web Applications with Flash — Leveraging Adobe’s tools, developers will be able to create visually rich applications using Flash 10.1.
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