September 1, 2010

Apple's September 1st Keynote Summary

Alright so apple presented their annual September or typically known as the "iPod" Keynote. We saw for the most part what we expected to happen with some exciting tweaks. The whole iPod line up saw revamping and even iTunes. We saw updates coming to iOS for the iPods as well as the iPad. Possibly the most intriguing one was the revamping of appletv. Below I am going to sum up the features for each device and for some i might ad in my opinion.

iOS 4.1 - This is a basic update that introduces little things. The biggest thing was in my mind, "Game Center." For all the little details check out

iPod Shuffle Fourth Generation- The new iPod Shuffle will see a familiar design as the second generation shuffle, but it will maintain the voice over feature from the previous generation shuffle. Basically this mean there will be buttons again along with the ability to have playlists and hear who the artist is playing. This is definitely nice addition for those who are big fans of the iPod Shuffle product.

iPod Nano "Touch"- The Nano line up saw the biggest change. Bringing out apples new marketing line, "A new way to nano." Basically think of this as a mixture of the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch. Apple incorporated a touch screen on the nano make the click wheel obsolete. In doing so they created a mini iPod Touch. The pros are a small iPod that has the ability to "see" the song playing as well as do things like view photos, listen to the radio and a lot more. The down side is you move to a smaller screen and lose a video camera. Change means risk and that's what apple has been good at. So this should be a success, but is risky. ALso who knows apple may have more things up their sleeve and make yet another app store for the Nano.....

iPod Touch- This was the most predictable product of the day. The Touch will be getting a front facing camera, back facing camera, and a retina display, not much of a surprise. But their where some additions that I wasn't expecting. The A4 processor will help give you even more amazing gaming. And Game Center will let you play against friends anywhere in the world.

iPad - The iPad didn't seem much besides a preview of the 4.2 version of iOS. The 4.2 version will catch the iPad up with all the functionality of that the iPhone and iPod have on the new iOS 4.1. But that's not all the biggest thing is "wireless printing." This is another step to make the iPad a device that truly sits between computers and smart phones.

iTunes- We also saw the unveiling of iTunes 10 today. There will be additions to the interface to make it look more sleek. Apple also created a "social network for music," Ping. This is smart move on Apple for two reasons. One is that they will be able to eat into social networking revenues. Second this will share new music with friends, which in essence advertises music to your friends. This won't be the new facebook, but it should stick. Check out apple's website for more-

AppleTV- The final thing of the day. The old AppleTV wasn't succeeding, but neither has any of the competitions products. Steve Jobs basically said that they tried to do what the customers wanted. They made it an all cloud based server, which means there is no memory necessary. This comes with a price though. Basically appletv is no longer allowing full purchases of movies and tv shows. Instead they are going with all rentals. This product so far doesn't have much support by the studios which will make this product hard to succeed. I would wait to see if there is more support by the studios before i would consider buying this product. Checkout apples website for more info- AppleTV


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