August 5, 2010

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad jailbreak

This may be the easiest jailbreak yet. First you need to make sure that your iPod, iPhone or iPad is running 3.2 or higher. Once you do that you are good to go. Open up safari on your device and go to one of two sites. 1) or 2) (these are basically the same site with different URL's so that the server doesn't crash) Then once there it will tell you to slide to jailbreak be patient and it will add cydia to your home screen. If you have trouble just reset your device by holding the home screen button and the power button down for ten seconds. You should be go to go though if your not post a comment here or on my YouTube channel wall wregan42. One thing to point out is the first generation iPhone doesn't work with this but all the iPod touches should since my first generation worked first try!


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