August 27, 2010

Apple's Keynote Predictions

Ok so every year apple has a keynote the first week of September. Over the past decade this has been known to be the iPod keynote. This year will be different, but not because they won't release a new iPod more because they have other things to address. So here are my predictions....

iPod Touch- Ok so we have seen a revamp of the iPhone in the keynote in June and last in last years keynote the iPod nano received a video camera. So in my opinion there are two obvious predictions. One being that the iPod will have a video camera. But i won't stop there it will also have a front facing camera. This will increase the amount of people that can video chat feature on the iPhone. Apple has a history of using the iPod touch market to help increase the iPhone's ability. Second the ipod touch will see a revamp in its shape as well.

** The only thing is i wouldn't put it past apple to leave you wanting more by putting off a much needed feature to make us wanting more!!

iPhone- So apple released a sleek new iPhone in June, but unlike apple they had a flaw with it. So I am expecting maybe a new model to fix the problem they were having. Otherwise don't expect to hear much from this because apple wants this to pass.

iPad- The cream of the crop isn't going to see much, but i do expect Steve Jobs to talk about the success of it and then preview the new ios 4 for the ipad!


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